Transforming the Video Experience

StreamLayer’s interactive viewing platform is revolutionizing the economic model for OTT providers around the globe. We help you generate new revenue opportunities, collect valuable first-party data, and do so while delivering a game-changing entertainment experience to your audience.


Viewers watch and play at home through live interactive polls, trivia, and prediction questions seamlessly integrated and synced to the stream, with leaderboards showing rankings against the field (or friends), and prizes pushed to the winners.

Watch and bet

Connecting sports viewing and sports betting like never before. View up-to-the-minute live odds; track bets with real-time updates; and bet on live in-game markets.

Watch together

Taking the game watch to a whole new level.

Trash talk never looked so good

Robust messaging optimized for the one screen experience.

It’s better with friends

Easily and instantly add friends and share the experience.

Next-Gen Stats, Insights, Odds & More

Hyper-personalized viewer experiences. Each viewer controls the information they want without waiting for the TV graphic or toggling over to another app to get it.

Streamlayer insights icon.

Provide informative in-the-moment factoids, or highlight social media posts to add valuable context to the action taking place in the video stream.  

Streamlayer insights feature.
Streamlayer stats icon.

Deliver real-time statistics within the video experience and drive continued engagement and an exceptional user experience.

Streamlayer Fabinho stats UI.
Streamlayer odds icon.

Viewers can be closer to the action than ever, accessing live odds, building bet slips (with handoffs to partnering sports books) and tracking their bets while never missing a moment of game action.

Streamlayer odds feature.

Reimagine the video experience

An elegant interactive viewing experience that will change the way we watch live stream video.

A powerful monetization tool

Beyond the value-add to existing advertising from increased viewers and higher engagement, StreamLayer also provides a number of tools to further generate ROI on video rights.

Streamlayer advertising platform feature in iPhone mockup.
Streamlayer advertising platform icon.
Advertising Platform

Valuable interactive advertising inventory for rights holders, including feature sponsorships as well as event-triggered rich media messaging tied to key game moments. Brands now can seamlessly integrate into the game watch experience and participate in big moments with peak viewership.

Streamlayer transaction engine on iPhone mockup.
Streamlayer transaction engine icon.
Transaction Engine

Transaction functionality tied to interactive ads supercharge “hot markets” and activate sales directly within the live game experience. Merch, tickets, collectibles - all at your fingertip.

Streamlayer in-game promotion NFT feature in iPhone mockup.
Streamlayer in-game promotions icon.
Unique In-Game Promotions

Activate or extend promotional campaigns such as in-arena sponsorships, digital collectibles and sweepstakes entries. Or launch cutting-edge fan engagement promotions like NFT drops and exclusive merch offers.

Welcome to Studio.

Our powerful, user-friendly CMS platform, Studio, has been engineered to deliver engagement at scale. Configure events, upload advertising, moderate events and view rich audience analytics.

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Streamlayer sports dashboard.

Your Mission Control

Streamlayer dashboard analytics and insights feature.
A wealth of data for valuable insights.
Unparalleled in-game behavioral insights. Simple and clean dashboard provides deep understanding of viewer engagement with key metrics summarized and granular data available for deeper dives.
Streamlayer dashboard advertising feature.
Your advertising team will love us.
Upload sponsor elements, adjust sponsors by feature or by game, program timely interactive ads - all within an easy-to-use dashboard.
Elevate the live stream experience.
Script the experience in advance and quickly create relevant questions on the fly. StreamLayer’s moderation panel empowers you to create a custom-tailored experience for your audience.

Single API

Full Feature Set - One Integration
We remove the complexity of the build process by offering a complete suite of interactive functionality and monetization tools to drive ROI from your premium streaming experience.
Simple and Fast Integration
Our core SDK experience can be integrated and deployed in just a few weeks for customized interactive experience your users will love.
Future-Proofed Platform
With one StreamLayer integration, client apps immediately have access to a fully formed operating system, plus receive newly developed features through simple app updates. 

About StreamLayer

Who we are
We are avid sports fans who are also designers, engineers and technologists with decades of experience delivering major live stream events and building interactive experiences.
What we do
StreamLayer enables media distributors to transform their streaming platforms into a highly interactive, engaging and hyper-personalized experiences for their viewers. 
Our Mission
StreamLayer is a ground-breaking, next-generation Video Engagement Operating System (VEOS) that will change the way we watch live sports.
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We are looking for incredibly talented designers, engineers, data scientists, marketers and managers. If you enjoy interactive video content, creating beautiful designs, working on challenging engineering problems, or building sophisticated information systems, we'd love to hear from you.
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Senior Backend Developer (Node.js)
Senior iOS / Swift Developer
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Senior Backend Developer (Node.js)
Senior iOS / Swift Developer
Senior Android / Kotlin Developer

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